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Thursday, September 01, 2005

is Chris Kirkham okay?

Many of the readers of this blog (can "many" really be used to describe them?) know Chris, who graduated from Medill this year and has worked all summer as an intern at the New Orleans Times-Picayune. No one was really able to reach Chris on his phone, but he e-mailed a few of us, so I figured I should reproduce this on the Web for those who might be worrying about him:

Hey everyone,

Thanks for your concern about my plight in the middle of this hurricane. Things were crazy this
morning but I'm OK. We don't have power, water, cell phone coverage, internet access or phone
access. We actually had to drive in to Baton Rouge from the Northshore just to file our stories,
because we had absolutely no contact with the downtown office. The place where I work, Slidell, was
just west of where the eye came through. We went there today and half the city was underwater. I
traveled around in a boat to go talk to people.

Craziness. Anyway, I have to go back to the middle of where the storm hit. Let anyone else who may
be interested know that I'm OK.

Talk to you soon when I have more time,


Hang in there Chris!

article on organ donation

I wrote this article as part of my internship with the AMA. If you're interested in organ donation or bioethics in general, you might enjoy it. I'll be posting more soon.