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Monday, June 26, 2006

typo/clicko update

Donna B., in comments below, has nominated "clicko" as a term for the kind of error described in this post. Google reveals that the word is already being used in similar senses here for mouse-based errors in general and here in reference to online games. Even though not all errors of the type described in earlier post are the result of mouse error, it's hard to imagine them happening without a mind conditioned by mice ("a mind conditioned by mice" -- that should scare all behavioral psychologists present -- or parents who have kids who watch the Disney channel).

Proposed definition:

clicko - n. - 1. any sort of computer error that results from human error in the use of a mouse. 2. specifically, this sort of error in an online game, sometimes with the implication that the player should be allowed a "do-over." 3. mistakes introduced into a document as a result of human error in the use of word-processing functions such as copy-paste, spell-checking, etc.


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